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Congratulations! You took the first step towards sending another kid to camp this summer!

Many people will read this page and think, 'well isn't that nice' but they won't take the extra step, or in this case, the extra click to actually significantly change a kid's life.

Will you?

The truth is, most fundraisers ask you to do far more – with your checkbook or with your time. What we are asking is to simply share. Share your child's experiences to make another kid's experience richer. Log into KidGooRoo and review a program that your kids have already tried (reviews can be anonymous). This simple act of sharing your experience will enable a deserving kid who would otherwise be destined to a summer of long empty days, a summer of rich, life-changing experiences and opportunities at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monmouth County. If you've ever thought you'd like to help if you had more time, or if you had more money, this is your chance. It's just a few seconds of typing and sharing – something most of us do everyday on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... So before you click away, pause, click below instead, type a sentence or two, and make a huge difference in one kid's life.

You write. We donate. A kid goes to camp.

It's just that simple.

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