KidGooRoo is the only place to go online to compare ratings and read reviews of all the kids’ classes, camps and programs in your area. KidGooRoo is absolutely free for parents. Because our reviews and ratings come from actual parents, they are a reliable source of information.

Our fundraiser is simple. For every review written by a parent, we donate $2 to your organization.

KidGooRoo Fundraiser Details:

  • For every review a parent writes about classes, camps and programs in which their child has participated, KidGooRoo donates $2 to your organization.
  • To incentivize parents to participate, KidGooRoo will give away a FREE CHROMEBOOK to one of your parents when your organization reaches 100 reviews.
  • Reviews will not be associated with your organization. Reviews are anonymous and are reviewed by KidGooRoo to ensure they are not slanderous or defaming. Parent emails are kept confidential and are not sold to third parties.
  • Fundraisers run for 2 weeks.

When parents write reviews about local programs, they help each other make better, more informed choices for their kids.

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