Ayla Schwartz, Disney’s FROZEN: Dreams & Advice



Ayla Schwartz is an 11-year-old theatrical phenom currently starring as Young Elsa in Disney’s FROZEN the Musical. Born and raised in New Jersey, she has been studying performance arts since the tender age of 4. KidGooRoo was thrilled to catch up with Ayla and trace her journey to stardom.

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Besides theater, what are your favorite after-school activities?

Aside from voice, acting, or dance lessons….getting together with friends!


Ayla Schwartz with friends

You’ve been described as a true triple threat, but if you had to choose one: acting, singing or dancing, what would be your favorite?

Singing for sure!

What are your long-term dreams and aspirations in the theater world?

While I love musical theatre, I would be thrilled to be cast in a straight play (not a musical). As the young Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker at the Queens Theatre right before FROZEN, I really had a chance to work on my acting skills. I would also like to do some TV and Film!

Ayla Schwartz as Young Helen Keller

What advice do you have for other kids who would like to perform on Broadway?

The best advice I ever got was to “take risks”. If you’ve worked hard and you come to the audition prepared, then you have nothing to lose and so much to gain by just going for it.

Who do you look up to in the theater world?

I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by so many incredible mentors in FROZEN. From the principals, to the standbys, and the ensemble, everyone is so talented. My older self in the show, Caissie Levy (Elsa) is so special to me and has taught me so much. I look up to her so much and feel so lucky to be sharing this experience with her. Patti Murin (she plays Anna) is also such a great role model, both as an actress and a person. They both inspire me everyday.

What’s your dream role?

Besides [Young] Elsa of course! It would have to be Elsa!!! I’d love to come back when I’m old enough to play Elsa one day. That would be a dream come true. After Elsa maybe Elphaba from Wicked!


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