Posting Guidelines

Who can post a program?

Parents who have participated in a program, as well as businesses that operate a program are encouraged to post the program on KidGooRoo.

How do I know if my program has already been posted?

Please search here for your program before creating a new listing to avoid duplicates.

What does it mean to be “verified”?

Only businesses that operate a program can “claim the program.”   We have a step-by-step video that can walk you through the claim a program process.  Once your program is claimed, it will be labeled as an “Owner Verified Program” on KidGooRoo.   All of the content posted on Owner Verified Programs can be edited by the operating business including contact information, program description, and program categorization.

What is a Platinum Program?

Businesses can take advantage of all the KidGooRoo functionality by becoming a Platinum Program. In exchange for an annual fee, Platinum Programs will be featured on the top of relevant searches, can respond directly to reviews “inline”, can post pictures to their program page, and will have access to an extensive array of KidGooRoo marketing tools. Click Here for a complete listing of the Platinum Program benefits.

What is the difference between a program and a business?

A business is the entity that operates programs for children. One business may operate a single program, or multiple programs. For instance, you may own a franchise that operates mommy and me music classes for children.  You are a single business, but you have programs at a number of different locations.

When should I separate my programs into different program listings?

Programs should be listed separately if they have different participant criteria. For instance, a lacrosse business could run a summer travel league for which players have to try out. They also run clinics for beginners. These programs should be listed separately.

Programs should also be listed separately if they take place in different locations. For instance, a mommy and me music franchise may hold classes in several towns. Each location should be entered separately.

Please do NOT list separate programs if they are differentiated by age groups alone. For instance, if you run a basketball league for u9, u10, u11, u12 and u13 teams, you should list all the age groups under a single program listing. The program itself doesn’t vary by age group, only the age of the participants changes.

Can I enter my program into more than one category?

Yes, if your program fits into more than one category, then please check all the boxes that apply. Please note that purposefully mislabeling your program does a disservice to the KidGooRoo user base and will be corrected by the administrative team at KidGooRoo.

How can I stay in touch with KidGooRoo users?

Our Platinum Program service gives businesses numerous tools for marketing to KidGooRoo users, such as the ability to send updates, post to user calendars and respond to individual reviews. To learn all the benefits of becoming a Platinum Program, or to upgrade to Platinum status, click here.

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