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Choosing After-School Care for Your Child

If you’re a parent with an unpredictable schedule, reliable after-school care for your kids is a must. But the decision can be difficult, and you’ll want to consider your choices thoughtfully. Here, we break down some of the more popular options:

3 Great After-School Care Options

School-Centered Care: School-based after-care for kids is a convenient and seamless choice, since no extra travel is involved. Plus, kids usually meet up with friends they know from class. Most school-based centers provide coveted homework assistance, along with fun games and activities.

Community-Based Care: Community centers, including local YMCAs, present another viable alternative for after-school care. Some centers even partner with school districts and offer transportation. Programs supply homework help and additional enrichment opportunities.

Private Care: Private care options might include family, neighbors, friends, or nannies. Sometimes private care translates into greater flexibility, as well as chauffeuring to and from extracurricular activities.

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