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Go-kart racing is a super fun and thrilling activity for families to enjoy together. But go-kart racing can be more than just an active way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Some individuals go on to pursue go-kart racing as a competitive sport. There are special go-kart racing classes for kids (and adults alike)! Here, we review the types of go-kart classes and programs available.

What Kinds of Go-Kart Racing Classes for Kids and Families Exist?

Go-kart racing programs are available for all ages, from five years old and up. Courses cater to various budgets and needs, and there are two basic groupings: two-cycle classes and four-cycle classes.

Beginning youngsters acquire new skills like driving and hand / eye coordination. Typically, the youngest drivers do not engage in wheel-to-wheel competition but learn to handle the karts and master all the rules of racing.

More seasoned go-kart racers take on advanced challenges, which can include shaving time off laps and maintaining momentum. Some classes even teach the mechanics of the go-kart.

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