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There may be dozens of types of kids martial arts classes and lessons available for your child, depending on where you live. Some programs include wrestling, while others focus mainly on kicks. Judo, for example, involves joint locks, and pinning opponents to the ground.

Karate and tae kwon do both focus on a variety of self-defense exercises involving striking and blocking techniques. Mixed martial arts programs may include all of these techniques.

Regardless of the method of martial arts taught, many traditional martial arts programs also teach philosophy, character, and behavior. They emphasize humility and respect for all people, as part of their curriculum.

Most martial arts programs recommend that kids start around 8 to 10 years old, but some martial arts schools offer preschool or kids’ beginner classes. These classes get kids moving, jumping rope, kicking a shield or the air, and learning how to focus and listen. Typically, the school you choose will tell you what age level they recommend for your child. Many schools will evaluate your child privately or during a sample class so they can tell if he or she is ready, and which class would be the best fit.

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