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Tired of hearing “I’m bored!” from your older kid or teen? A hair-raising mystery or adventure room experience might be just the ticket! Gaining popularity in recent years, mystery and adventure room events for kids and teens offer the perfect “escape” from boredom and complaining. Challenging players to engage brain power and teamwork, mystery and adventure rooms are the perfect venue to socialize and have fun.

What are Mystery / Adventure Rooms?

Mystery and adventure room games are private group experiences that entail being locked up in a room with a thrilling mission to complete. Players must decipher clues and work as a team to escape under a strict time crunch, or else they lose. There are many exciting scenarios to choose, from eluding the clutches of prehistoric dinosaurs to dodging blood-sucking zombies. You can even reenact popular movie adventures, like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Home Alone!

Why Choose a Mystery or Adventure Room Experience for Your Child or Teen?

Mystery and adventure room games are perfect for teen date nights, birthday and graduation parties, family outings, and simple rainy-day distractions. Kids will love putting their heads together to solve a spellbinding puzzle, while scrambling to beat the clock. Mystery and adventure room experiences are collaborative, exhilarating, and thought-provoking!

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