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Kathryn Leigh Music is an in-home private music instruction company, providing lessons in the homes of nearly 100 students in Monmouth County, NJ. We are dedicated to instilling knowledge and discovering the ingredients necessary for students of any age to enjoy music. From young children just learning to read to adults searching for some "me time," anyone can experience the joys and gratification of music. We are an all-encompassing music education service including technical instruction, theory, history, and appreciation. We also provide piano tuning and technician services. Expand your mind to something unexpected, something that connects a part of you to the world that you would never expect. You're never too young or too old to explore a new part of yourself. Expose yourself to music now, and make it a part of your life forever.


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2 questions “Kathryn Leigh Music, LLC”

  1. Do you need to have a piano to take lessons or can you use a keyboard?

    1. Kathryn Leigh Music, LLC says:

      Though an acoustic piano is ideal for lessons, some digital pianos or keyboards come very close to sounding and feeling like one. It is best to find something full sized: 88 weighed keys. These will suffice for lessons. Any keyboard that has lighter or fewer keys will eventually need to be replaced as the student progresses, so it is ideal to get a full sized model. Yamaha and Roland are two examples of good quality digital piano brands.

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